An arrangement of eight books, crafted from Custom Filamet™ Materials, forming a radial pattern, viewed from their page edges, on a black background. (Brand Name: The Virtual Foundry)

Custom Filamet™ Materials

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Please contact us for a quote to start your custom material request.

Beyond the standard Filamet™ 3D printing materials in The Virtual Foundry store, you have the option to commission a special Filamet™ build just for you. Advance your research, get your materials into shapes only available in 3D printing and take advantage of this low-cost additive manufacturing technology.

All Filamet™ materials are made in generally the same way. A powdered base material is mixed with our signature PLA-compliant binder and extruded into 3D printing filament line or pellets.

Because the operation is the same for all materials, you can apply nearly any solid material to the process. Materials we can’t work with include: toxic materials, highly active materials like sodium, chemically unstable compounds, and strong acids or bases.

You'll find all the details in this document and a summary below.

To Order:

Contact us with the following information:
- Material name and chemical composition
- Whether you have powdered material to send to us or we will need to source it
- How much Filamet™ (in kgs) you would like returned to you (minimum is 1kg)

After reviewing the data, we will send you a formal quote.
Once payment is received, we source/receive the material, manufacture the Filamet™, and send you your requested quantity.


If you send us your own powder, there is no cost added by us. If The Virtual Foundry procures the powder from a supplier, that powder cost will be added to the project cost.
If your base material is unusual and needs to be evaluated to ensure it will work in the Filamet™ manufacturing process, you’ll pay an evaluation fee of $500.
Manufacturing, Test Printing, Packaging
Manufacturing, test printing and packaging costs $5000. That’s for a minimum of 1kg of base material and a maximum of 3kg.
If the final shipping destination is within the contiguous United States, shipping is free. If the final Filamet™ destination is outside the US, you’ll need to pay those shipping costs and any associated import fees.
Payment is required before any work begins. Payment methods include credit card, wire transfer and ACH transfers. Payment is for work performed in good faith regardless of the outcome.

Lead time is generally 2-4 weeks after receipt of the raw material

We test the filament materials in standard FFF 3D printers. No sintering trials will be conducted.

Past Custom Builds:

Titanium Grade 5
Barium Titanate
4140 Alloy Steel

We reserve the right to place any remaining stock in our shop for sale to the public, at a price we choose.

Development Projects:

Any request that requests an unusual material or additive may require a full development effort. Pricing is different in this case. Contact us at to talk through your project.