Filawarmer - The Virtual Foundry


  • RM311.00 MYR

Filamet™ contains plastic that keeps the memory of its shape on the spool. As Filamet™ passes through the Filawarmer, the memory of the Filamet™ is reset and prints with ease.

Setup: For Direct Drive Extruders: Place your Filamet™ about 230-300mm above the highest point your extruder will reach (top of extruder to bottom of spool). Line up the top of the filawarmer with the center of the spool. Slowly insert and pull the filament through the warmer and into the extruder. Make sure you give the filament enough time in the Filawarmer to erase the memory as you load it. A video of the setup can be found here.

For Bowden Extruders: Place your Filawarmer directly below the feeder (assuming the feeder is facing up and down). Place the spool so that the filament coming off of it is going straight into the Filawarmer. Ensure the bottom of the filawarmer is lined up with the middle of the spool. A video of the setup can be found here.

Advantages: Makes Filamet™ stronger. This ensures that there is less breaking, decreasing failed prints.

Uses: Anneals Filamet™ to make it stronger and more flexible when printing. Some products do not require use of a Filawarmer. Can be used with regular plastic filaments that have become very brittle. Only tested with Filamet™ and PLA. The effect that the Filawarmer causes lasts about 24 hours.

Temperature: 60°C

A list of products requiring a Filawarmer can be found here.

CAUTION: Do not touch the metal tube while the Filawarmer is on.