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Sintering Carbon (0.5kg)

  • $ 44.00

Debind and sinter Filamet™ in a kiln, making 100% metal, ceramic, or glass parts. Sintering Carbon is required to keep oxygen, which is damaging to the metals, away from the part during this process.

Sintering Carbon is available in approximately 0.5kg jars (~950mL).

Used for: Keeping oxygen away from your parts during sintering. Only use with metal Filamet™. Not necessary for sintering in a vacuum or an inert atmosphere.

Key advantages: Prevents oxygen from reaching your part during sintering

Particle Size: Granular

Max Temperature: 2800°C

How To Use: Place a thick layer of this on top of your crucible before sintering to manage oxygen. Sintering Carbon will prevent oxygen from reaching your part. Sintering Carbon that looks like new after your cycle is completed can be filtered out and reused. Full instructions can be found here.