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Sintering Refractory Ballast - Magnesium Silicate (0.5kg)

  • $ 35.04

Debind and sinter Filamet™ in a kiln, making 100% metal, ceramic, or glass parts. A sintering refractory ballast is required to hold the part shape for this process.

Sintering Refractory Ballast Magnesium Silicate is available in approximately 0.5kg jars (~900mL).

Used for: Sintering Bronze and Copper Filamet™ and debinding and sintering Pyrex Filamet™.

Key advantages: Easily moves when the part shrinks and it leaves a superior post-sinter finish.

Particle Size: Submicron

Max Temperature: 1100°C

How To Use: Use this refractory to bury prints in a crucible for sintering (Bronze and Copper), or debinding and sintering (Pyrex). Cover with Sintering Carbon in the case of Bronze and Cooper, then place the crucible in the kiln and start the program. Full instructions can be found here.