Amaco 46-D Ceramic Clay Filamet™

  • $ 63.50

Amaco 46-D Filamet™ is available as 1.75mm filament and as pellets.

Specs: This filament comes in 0.25kg and 0.5kg spools and 1kg bags of pellets. It contains about 32.0 - 40.0% clay by mass and has a density of 1.5g/cc.

High Compatibility: This Filamet™ enables any open-architecture Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer to produce ceramic objects. Even works in 3D printing pens!

Easy to Print: All you need is an open architecture 3D printer, a 0.6mm hardened steel nozzle, a Filawarmer, and a model to print. Print like regular PLA. Place your spool so that the filament coming off is going straight into the extruder. The flow rate in your slicer may need to be adjusted up to 135%. Little to no warping occurs during printing.

Advanced Properties: Filamet™ is less hygroscopic than regular PLA. Filament dryers have adverse affects on Filamet™. Spools should not be dried.

Fully Sinterable Ceramic Filament: Once fired in a sintering furnace, the result is 100% ceramic. Instructions for sintering this product.

Special Qualities: High tolerance to temperature (sintered).

Used For: Partner Innovators have used this filament for tooling used during the welding process and research.

Eliminate tooling and machining costs for short run manufacturing, prototyping, and one-off metal part needs.

Note: All sales final except in cases of defective product.

Made In America