Pyrex® (Borosilicate) Glass Filamet™

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Pyrex® (Borosilicate) Glass Filamet™ contains around 73% glass by mass. COE 33
Glass Filamet™ enables any Fused Filament Fabrication printer to produce glass objects. Once fired in a kiln, the result is 100% glass.

Printed green parts and final sintered parts are opaque.

What you'll need to print:
* An FFF/FDM 3D printer
* Standard nozzle sized at 0.6mm
* Blue painters tape for your print bed. Glue sticks also work on glass print beds

Slicer Setup: Start with a basic PLA profile for your printer. Change the nozzle temperature to 210°C (410°F) and tune in the range of 190-230°C (374/446°F). Optionally, set the print bed to 40-50°C (104-122°F). Set the flow rate to 135%. Adjust settings from there as needed.

Tip: Put a layer of blue painters tape on the print bed. Filamet™ has great adhesion to the bed.

Nozzle: 0.6mm or larger, stainless steel.

Spool Placement: Reducing friction and pull on Filamet™ during printing is important. Try hanging the filament spool just above the printer.

For more about this material, watch our podcast here
Finished parts can tolerate heat up to around 600°C (1100°F)

Create lab tools, filters, art and one-off glass parts.

Debinding and Sintering Pyrex® (Borosilicate) Filamet™

Items Needed:  
Kiln / Sintering Furnace
Refractory Container (Crucible)
Sintering Refractory Ballast - Talc Powder


PB1 Place Al2O3 refractory in the crucible
PB2:  Bury the print in the Al2O3
PB3:  Tamp down, don't pack or smoosh
PB4 Part should be surrounded by refractory
PB5 Keep at least 15mm between the part and the crucible walls and top of refractory
PB6 Put the crucible in the kiln


PB7 Ramp furnace to 204°C (400°F)
PB8 Hold at 204°C (400°F) for 2 hours*


PB9 Over the course of 5 hours, ramp to 843°C (1550°F)
PB10 Hold at 843°C (1550°F) for 3 hours

Cool Down:

PB11 Program ends - let furnace cool to room temp from Sinter Temp


Note: All sales final except in cases of defective product.

Made In America

"I just completed my first successful sintering of the Pyrex® (Borosilicate) Filamet™, and I'm blown away. This is an amazing product. I've been tinkering with your ceramic Filamet™s for a while now but only recently became proficient enough with my kiln to reliably sinter that material. In comparison, the Borosilicate really is a breeze!!

Thank you and the rest of the Virtual Foundry team for a fantastic new tool in my toolbox!!!"


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